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Blackbox Acu3001A, Servswitch Catx Kvm Extender Kit

BlackBox, ACU3001A, ServSwitch CATx KVM Micro Extender Single-Access Kit ServSwitch CATx KVM Micro Extender Kit, Single-Access

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A compact, low-cost way to extend KVM signals up to 150 feet

A micro extender stretches CPU-to-workstation connections up to 150 feet 45.7 m across CATx cable-which you may already have installed

Adjustable video equalization and 1280 x 1024 resolution for crisp, clear video

Built-in surge protection protects the CAT5 link side from surges and spikes

Dee-fense! Dee-fense! The Micro Extender features built-in surge protection to defend your CAT5 link side against surges and spikes

Don't worry about CPU lockup

Enables you to place CPUs where you want them

Further Details Intelligent keyboard and PS/2 emulation prevents remote PC CPU lockup-even if your keyboard or interconnect cable is disconnected

High resolution for crisp video

Includes local module, remote module, 1 3-ft

Keep your CPUs out of reach of unauthorized users

Or locate CPUs centrally and keep them away from dirt and dust

Quick Facts Adds up to 150 feet 45.7 m between a CPU, KVM switch, media server, or digital signage appliance and your keyboard, monitor, and mouse station

Stretch your connections, stretch your savings

Talk about an immediate money saver! Put 'em where you want 'em

The Micro Extender Kit features adjustable video equalization, giving you 1280 x 1024 video at up to 150 feet 45.7 m

The Micro Extender gets the job done in the harshest of conditions, in the harshest of environments.

The Single-Access KVM Micro Extender Kit provides intelligent keyboard and PS/2 mouse emulations, so the attached CPU doesn't lock up even when your keyboard or interconnect cable is unplugged

Transmits high-resolution video even up to the maximum distance of 150 feet 45.7 m

Uses ordinary CATx cable, which you may already have installed

What's includes Local module Remote module 1 3-ft

You can also use an AT mouse with a GHOST Emulator AC244A

Coax CPU cable Power supply User manual NOTE Because this product is made for use with Category 5 cable, you'll obtain less than optimal performance from other grades of twisted-pair cable, including higher ones such as CAT6

Coax CPU cable, power supply, and user's manual