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Dixon Valve 6500X, 6500 Series Self-Locking Drop Elbow

Specifications Ground clearance: 13-3/4" Features Most parts are common through the Bayco elbow line, making any necessary maintenance a breeze

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Elbow disconnections can occur on other elbow designs, from either operators bumping the release mechanism, or from a hydraulic surge when the underground storage tank overfill valve slams shut

Arm hinge points use a double yoke design, which increases the arm strength

Ball lever handle enables the operator to easily and positively engage the locking arms, onto the underground adapter

Bolt on inlets allow the inlet to be changed without having to worry about galling of threaded inlets

Built in heavy duty, locking mechanism prevents accidental elbow disconnections while the elbow is in service

Construction Rugged modular cast aluminum construction Solid bronze locking arms

Ergonomic handle can be mounted on either side of the elbow

Grease nipple enables the greasing of the lever stem, and Acetal bushings help keep everything moving smoothly, even in the harshest of conditions

Heavy duty bolt on arm attachment plate increases the strength of the lever pivot

No need for the operator to engage the locking mechanism, just move the handle to the closed position and the lock automatically engages

Releasing the lock is equally as easy, just gripping the handle and lifting

The locking mechanism has lots of free clearance so will not be affected by dirt, ice or snow

There are no impact susceptible pivot bolts or casting bosses to break