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3B Scientific 1018512, Stratigraphic Collection, 20 Fossils

These collections contain carefully selected animal and plant fossils from all the important groups that are representative of certain geological time periods

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Each item is stored individually in boxes placed in chronological order, with a label, the date and details of where the item was found

Includes Banded Iron Trilobiten Graptolites Primitive vascular plant Colonial coral Solitary coral Brachiopod, Spiriferida Fern leaf Conifer wood, silicified Crinoid Oyster Brachiopod, Rhynchonellida Ammonite Porifera Belemnite Sea urchin Larger foraminifera flowering plants Marine gastropod Mammoth ivory

The collections were created especially to give an introduction to palaeontology

The fossils come in a wooden box with a detailed accompanying booklet in English, German and French

The items delivered may vary depending on availability

These examples, placed in chronological order, give an overview of the development of life from the Precambrian to the Triassic period

We will ensure that we provide at least one example from each period